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Title: When Love and Hate Collide
Fandom: Romani Detective Original Fiction
Pairing: Andrej Zeklos/James Rosewood/Zayne Reyes
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,106
Summary: Zayne and James make a friendly bet that goes to hell in a handbasket awfully fast.
Author’s Notes: Written for the Rainy Days and Mondays challenge at 1_million_words. The prompt was ‘clued in by your login’. And now this fic has me wanting to do something very dumb.

James tapped at the keyboard and frowned. He scratched at his itchy chin – he hated growing his beard back out during the summer – and tried again. “Damnit,” he muttered.

“Jay,” Andrej said from somewhere in the kitchen. “Are you okay?”

“What?” He snapped his head up from the laptop and found his boyfriend staring at him, arms crossed and face concerned. “Yeah, Andy, I’m fine. Sorry if I worried you.”

“What are you doing,” Andrej asked. “You said that you wouldn’t work tonight since Zayne was out with his friend from home.”

“Just finishing up a report,” James said, minimizing the browser window he’d had open and praying that Andy hadn’t been looking at the screen of the laptop.

“Okay,” he said, continuing to stand where James had found him a minute ago.

Apparently, Andrej wasn’t having any of his bullshit tonight. “I promise, baby. Did you order dinner already?”

Andy narrowed his eyes and watched James for a moment before nodding slowly. “Yes, I did,” he said, “and I should leave to get it soon. Would you like to come with me?”

“Would you mind if I stayed? I could probably get this done by the time you get back.” Sometimes he really regretted hitting on the smartest damn man he’d ever met. It was really freaking hard to get anything past Andy because he was not only intuitive, but also extremely observant. The cowboy, on the other hand, was a piece of cake. Hot ass Texas sheet cake at that.

He endured the heated gaze of those scorching blue eyes for another minute before Andy grunted – a very un-Andy-like thing to do – and left him alone. As soon as James heard the garage door go down and Andrej’s car pull out of the drive, he opened up the browser window that he’d minimized in the nick of time. “What the hell is your password, Reyes?”

“Not anything you’re ever going to figure out, narco,” a voice drawled back at him.

Shit. James looked up and found the aforementioned slice of dessert staring at him. “What the hell are you doing home already? Andy said you’d be gone most of the night.”

Zayne stalked across the living room towards where James sat on the couch, laptop propped on the coffee table. “I discovered I have nothing in common with a guy who never grew past the small town city limits he grew up in, so I came home.”

James could relate to that. It was one of the reasons he had to get the hell out of Utah. Well, that and the whole being a gay Mormon thing that hadn’t exactly been working in his favor at the time. “Oh,” he said, for lack of anything more coherent. Where the hell was Andy with their food?

“Why do you have my laptop,” Reyes growled. “Does Zek know you took this out of my room?”

“Hold on a minute there,” James said, holding out his hands. “I might love to push your buttons but I’d never go into your room and intentionally take something like this. Your socks, yeah. Your favorite hoodie, absolutely. But your laptop? Never. You left it on the kitchen table, Reyes.”

“And that makes it okay?” Zayne shook his head. “What the hell is so interesting on my laptop?”
“Nothing,” James said, shrugging. “Or at least, there wasn’t until I was looking at your browser history and saw you have a private online journal. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw that shit. But it’s locked so I can’t read any of the entries”

Zayne rubbed his hands across his face and James wondered if it was so the cowboy didn’t knock his block off. If forced, James could admit he kind of had that coming. But only if it was mandatory.

“I really, really want to punch you in the face right now,” Reyes said, hands dropping to his sides. “And although I don’t know where the hell Zek went, I’m sure he’ll be back soon. With the luck I seem to have lately, the minute I popped you in your pretty mouth, he’d walk back through the door. So, how about this? You figure out the password, you can read what I’ve been writing.”

“What’s the catch,” James asked because this was gold… and too damn good to be true.

“No catch,” Zayne said, grinning. “Other than you’ll never fucking figure it out.”

When the ‘gotcha’ never came, James began to wonder what the hell Reyes had been writing in his journal that he’d guard so securely. Having lived with the man for the last month he’d learned that there wasn’t much Zayne kept to himself. Not even the things he should keep private. Especially that shit, that was breakfast talk for Reyes. “How much time do I get?”

“No time limit,” Zayne said. “But let’s say three tries.”

“Five,” James countered.

“Okay, fine. Five. But if Zek doesn’t come back with food for me, too, all bets are off.”

James would have been worried but Andy always made sure to get food for Zayne when he wasn’t around. “Deal.”

“Get to it, narco.”

Zayne wandered off towards the kitchen and James watched him go. Since he had gone out for the night, Reyes had opted for the tightest Wranglers he owned and it was a rather pleasant view from where James sat. But it wasn’t helping him think of what the possible password could be. James figured he could eliminate all the usual suspects – Zayne’s birthday, HIlary’s birthday, pet names – because although a jerk, the cowboy wasn’t stupid.

“Does it have anything to do with Andy,” James asked.

“Nope,” Zayne called back. “Try again.”

“What about one of the girls?” It seemed logical that it might have something to do with his ex-girlfriend considering that Reyes had given her up for a relationship with not one, but two, men. There had to be pages full of entries on that shit alone.

“Wrong again, gingerbread.”

James rested an elbow on his knee and settled his chin into the palm of his hand. Zayne reentered the living room a moment later, two bottles of beer in his hands. He nudged the redhead’s arm with one of the frosty bottles. Turning slightly, James took the bottle from Zayne.

“And I don’t have any pets, either.”

“I already thought about that,” James muttered. “Hint?”

“Not on your life,” Zayne said, dropping onto the couch and propping his boots on the coffee table beside his laptop.

Scratching the underside of his jaw, James typed in Reyes’ nickname for Andy, the one that Andy hated – gypsyboy – and got nothing.

“Strike one, narco.”

Glaring at Zayne for a hot minute, James returned his attention to the screen. What could it be? What was so important to the cowboy that he’d use it as a password? Oldboots? Nope. He tried two more variations on the Texas cowboy theme and struck out again and again.

“Got one left, ginger. Make it a good one.”

Resigned to the fact that he’d never figure it out, James decided to go for snarky. Flicking his eyes at Reyes, he typed I<3gingers and hit enter. He did a double take when Zayne’s journal opened up before him. “What the hell, Reyes?”

Zayne looked up and his eyes widened. “What? How?”

Cackling, James pointed at the Texan. “I went with the least likely possibility.”

“Asshole,” Zayne said, launching himself at the redhead.

James felt the impact of Reyes’ much heavier body against his. Falling to the floor in front of the couch, he was suddenly grateful for thinking to push the table out enough to give his long legs room to stretch. He’d have smacked his head hard otherwise. Instead, Reyes only pounded his head into Andy’s thick carpet.

Under any other circumstances, having the cowboy’s full length pressing against him, holding him to the floor, would be an instant turn on. But with those green eyes flashing angrily, James was more afraid for his safety than he was for the fucking he’d been considering an hour ago. “Zayne, wait –”

But apparently Reyes was done with his bullshit for the time being as well. Or at least, that’s what the balled up fist heading at high speed towards his face was indicating. James tried to buck Reyes off him but failed, taking a hard shot to his itchy as hell jaw.

“Why the fuck can’t you leave anything alone,” Zayne asked, voice breaking on the last word.

James opened his mouth to protest, to remind Zayne of their bet, but Reyes pounded his head into the carpet before he could get the words out. He took another hard punch to the nose, feeling something pop when the blow landed.

“Oh my god,” he heard Andy gasp. The sound of their dinner falling out of his hands and onto the floor followed.

Slowly, James opened his eyes to see Andy’s face peering over Zayne’s shoulder. Andrej was struggling to pull the cowboy off him, but Zayne was several inches taller and a good thirty pounds of solid muscle heavier than Andy. James pressed his hands against Zayne’s chest, pushing and dodging the cowboy’s flailing arms.

“Zayne,” Andrej yelled. “Stop it. James, quit fighting him. STOP.”

Zeklos gave another sharp tug at Zayne’s shoulders and dislodged the cowboy, throwing them both backwards. A muffled thump echoed through the room and James prayed that it wasn’t the sound of Andrej hitting the wall. Pushing into an upright position, he saw Zayne sprawled on his side and Andrej propped upright, head in his hands.

“What is going on in here?”

Andy’s shouting startled James because he almost never raised his voice for any reason. The look on his boyfriend’s face upset him even more. Face red, eyes wide, he looked like he was about to have a heart attack. “Andy…”

“No – don’t say a word,” he said, forcing himself to his feet. Zayne looked up at him as well, holding his tongue for the first time ever. “I do not want to hear a word out of either of you. Jay, you’re – you’re bleeding.”

James stopped rubbing the sore spot on the back of his head and touched his fingers to his face, seeing them coated in red when he pulled them away. “Shit. You broke my nose you asshole.”

“You started it, you snooping son of a bitch,” Zayne shot back.

“Enough fighting,” Andrej snarled. “No. More.”

“But he was snooping on my laptop,” Zayne said, pointing at James.

“He bet me I couldn’t figure out his password,” James replied.

“That’s because you’re not smart enough, narco. I –”

“Zayne,” Andrej said, voice chilly. “Get out.”

“What?” Zayne rose to his feet and moved towards Andrej, one hand outstretched.

“Do not touch me,” he said, and James wondered if Andy was afraid he’d lose his nerve if the cowboy got that close.

“What did I do?”

“You beat Jay until he bled,” Andrej said, holding a hand out in James’ direction. “Out. Now.”

Zayne looked from the angry Romanian to James. “I don’t have anywhere to go, Zek. You know this.”

“I really do not care right this moment.” He raked his hands through his hair angrily. “But we are in Las Vegas, there are plenty of hotel rooms for rent.”

“When can I come home,” Zayne asked, hand dropping to his side.

“Never, if we’re lucky,” James spat.

“You are not part of this conversation,” Andrej said, leveling an angry gaze at James. Turning back to Zayne, he gave the Texan an appraising look. “I do not know. Go pack a few days’ worth of clothes and get out of my house. I have to put him back together because of your impulsiveness.”

Andrej disappeared into the kitchen and Zayne stood immobilized. Breaking out of his stupor, he glared at James. “This is all your fault.”

He stormed off before James could reply, which was probably for the best because what the hell had just happened anyway? Reyes had challenged him to figure out what the password was so why’d he get pissed when James had nailed it? Even with as out of control as Reyes had been, James still couldn’t believe that Andy had kicked him out for the night. Honestly, he never thought it would happen because Andrej was always so damn level headed.

“Jay,” Andrej said, “look at me.”

James looked at Andrej, wincing as the wet cloth touched his damaged face. Andy took his time cleaning the cuts and scrapes on his skin, making sure that no blood remained. Once he was clean, Andrej sat back on his heels, watching James. He had to admit, he wasn’t feeling as vindicated as he’d been a few minutes ago.

The slamming of the door jolted Andy out of his observations. He cast a wary glance at the front of the house, cringing at the sound of Reyes’ truck tearing out of the driveway. “I should not have done that,” he muttered.

“Yeah, you should have,” James said. He shifted into a more comfortable position and caught Andrej’s eye. “He was out of control.”

“Do not touch me,” Andrej said, repeating what he’d told Zayne earlier. “I am no happier with you than I am with Zayne.”

“But you kicked him out.”

“I did,” Andrej agreed. “And you are going to leave, too, as soon as I am certain you are done bleeding all over my carpet.”

“Wait,” James said, brushing Andy’s hand away from his face. “What did I do?”

“I do not know exactly,” Andrej said, placing both hands into his lap. “He said you were snooping, Jay. Even with as childish as Zayne can be, he would not have been attacking you without some perceived provocation.”

James made a face. He hadn’t intended on snooping at first. But the idiot had left his laptop out in the open. If he hadn’t ever stumbled onto Reyes’ online journal, none of this would have happened. “I was messing with him,” he said. “But I wasn’t snooping.” Not yet anyway. That was the plan for after he’d deciphered the password.

Shaking his head, Andrej rose to his feet and disappeared to the laundry room. “Whether you were or you weren’t,” he said as he came back down the hallway. “That does not matter. This is something you and he must work out on your own. Go stay at your apartment for a few days.”

Without another word, Andrej turned and walked away.


Leaning back, Andrej surveyed the area for any remaining blood splatter. On the upside, Jay had been flat on his back when Zayne had punched him, so most of the blood and landed on Zayne rather than his carpet. What had landed on the floor seemed to have come up. He prayed that he hadn’t missed any because if it had the chance to dry, it wouldn’t ever come out. Making a mental note to rent a carpet scrubber, he dropped the rag into the small bowl of water and took it all into the laundry room.

He was still dumbfounded by the altercation he stumbled into earlier. Jay and Zayne hadn’t gotten along for some time, but they’d managed to find a happy medium between hating each other and making this odd relationship work. Sure, they bickered constantly and had out and out arguments sometimes, but it hadn’t ever come to blows before.

Until now.

So, what had changed? Usually, they’d yell at each other for a few minutes and be done with whatever had been bothering them. Jay must have come across something Zayne hadn’t wanted him to see, it was the only logical answer for his partner’s over the top reaction. Andrej flicked his eyes over towards the laptop sitting on the kitchen table. If he looked, he’d be as bad as Jay. But if he didn’t, he might not ever figure out how to fix things between his men.

Sighing, he made his decision.


“This had better be damn good, narco,” Zayne snarled into his phone. “I’m giving you five minutes before I hang up.”

Eh, he deserved that, he supposed. “Look, cowboy, Andy’s mad at both of us and –”

“Mad,” Zayne scoffed. “Zek’s pissed, red. And it’s your fault.”

“It’s our fault,” James reminded him. “I might have instigated it, but you’re the one who attacked my ass.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Zayne said. “So why are you bothering me?”

“We need to talk,” he said, knowing that that was the biggest understatement he’d ever uttered. “Figure out why the hell you went nuts on me.”

“You were going to read my private shit,” Zayne said.

“You said I could if I figured out your damn password,” James reminded him. “What is in that journal that you don’t want me to see?”

His question was met with silence. Honestly, James wasn’t all that surprised either.

“Zayne,” he tried again. “Let’s meet at a neutral location where neither of us will feel threatened or on uneven ground and talk about this.”

More silence. Then, another sigh. “Okay. How about the park near Zek’s place? It’s kinda old with lots of trees and hills and shit. It’s also pretty quiet so we shouldn’t be interrupted.”

James knew the place well. He’d taken to jogging the path around the park when he stayed overnight with Andy in the days before Zayne had moved in. “Okay. Give me half an hour and I’ll meet you there.”


Zayne jumped when the narco tapped on his window. His thoughts had been on his partner and how angry Zeklos had been that he hadn’t noticed Rosewood creeping up on him. Hooking his thumb at the passenger door, Zayne waited while the redhead hauled himself into the truck’s cab.

James poked his head inside and winced. “My car has better air, cowboy. You want to switch?”

He shook his head. “No,” Zayne said, staring at his steering wheel. “I don’t think I can move from this spot. It was hard enough getting here.”

Climbing inside, James nodded and pulled the door closed behind him. “What are we going to do? If we want to save our relationship with Andy, we can’t continue like this.”

That was the big question, wasn’t it? Zayne had been thinking about it since the second he’d hung up with the narco – James, damnit, James – earlier. If they were ever going to learn to get along, he needed to stop thinking of the redhead as ‘the narco’. He lifted his eyes and scanned the mesquite trees lining the winding path that led through the park. Clouds had begun to gather in the time that he’d been waiting, casting a dark shadow over the usually joyful place.

There had been something that he’d thought of while waiting for the narco to arrive but… he wasn’t sure if he could do it. Not even for Zek, possibly not even to save their partnership. And then Zeklos had texted, apologizing for invading Zayne’s privacy but insisting he needed to know what was going on. After confessing to scanning Zayne’s online journal, Zek had pushed and prodded him into confronting James, even if it meant another knock down drag out between them. Zek seemed to believe that it was worth getting out there, despite the probability of bloodshed.

Damn his fucking know-it-all, intuitive, wonderful partner.

“You in there, cowboy,” James asked, snapping his fingers to get Zayne’s attention.

Frowning, Zayne glared at him. “Yeah, James, I’m here. You can stop annoying me anytime now.”

The redhead’s eyes narrowed. “Why did you just use my name, Reyes? That shit scares me.”

It should, he thought. They never called each other by their given names and not out of animosity either. It was habit to refer to everyone you worked with by their last name. Hell, he even did it to Hilary at times while they were dating. The switch from last names to annoying nicknames had begun in a fit of pique for them both, but had morphed into something close to affection. To start using each other’s first names seemed strange and unnecessary. But, it was something Zek had suggested some weeks back, thinking it’d bring Zayne and the redhead closer. He’d been wrong, but Zayne hadn’t had the heart to tell him so.

Digging his phone out of his pocket, Zayne forced himself to do the other thing Zeklos had suggested. Hands shaking, he held it out to James. “I need to show you something.”

Making a face, the ginger leaned over to look at the screen. “What is this?”

“Just take it and read it,” he said. “Please.”

James reached for Zayne’s phone, hesitating before taking it. “Are you sure?”

Zayne nodded, the lump in his throat keeping him from saying a word. James bent his face to the screen and began reading. His poor nose was swollen and one eye had begun to blacken, sending a tendril of guilt through Zayne’s gut. From the looks of it, he had broken the narco’s damn nose. The purpling bruise stood out in stark contrast to the redhead’s pale skin.

James lifted his gaze when he finished reading. Zayne never noticed how pale the narco’s eyes were until then. They were so different from Zek’s, which were such a deep blue that they were almost purple. “You have the creepiest eyes,” he said.

Snorting, James grinned. “You are not the first person to tell me that, Reyes.” He flicked his creepy eyes at Zayne’s phone. “Do you want to explain that to me?”

All this time, he’d thought that the redhead was smarter than that. “What is there to explain?”

“Are you for fucking real,” James hissed, shaking the phone at Zayne. “Can I even believe a single word of this shit?”

Flinching at James’ harsh words, Zayne swiped his phone out of the narco’s hand. “Fuck you. This is what I get for trying to fix things, for listening to Zek and his brilliant damn ideas. Get out of my truck. Apparently I need to find somewhere else to live because he’ll never let me back now.”

A flash of lightning, followed by an immediate, sharp crack of thunder stunned them both into silence. The expected deluge of rain sounded loudly on the roof of Zayne’s truck, echoing the rapid pounding of his heart. It was all too much. He shouldn’t have ever challenged Rosewood to crack his password. Even better, he shouldn’t bought into the hype that journaling was good for you. Who was he to think that anything could ever be easy?

Zayne stared out the front windshield, the heavy monsoon blurring their surroundings. God, if this storm didn’t say it all. The fleeting brush of James’ fingers on his skin jerked Zayne back into the present. “What?”

“You need to chill or you’re going to have a heart attack,” James said. “And the shitty diet you eat isn’t helping any.”

“My diet is on point, thank you very much.” He wouldn’t say it was because Zeklos didn’t cook crappy food, but Zayne was ninety-nine percent sure the ginger already knew that. “And how the hell can I relax after what you said to me?”

James slumped back against the passenger seat, ignoring Zayne’s question. “You know, as beat up as this truck is, these seats are pretty damn comfy.”

“They’ve been well worn,” Zayne said quietly, thinking of all the driving he’d done in this old beast. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

Zayne shrugged, eyes never leaving the front of the truck. “For everthing. Teasing you. Hitting you. Hurting Zek. Fuck, if I’m honest, I’m sorry I ever gave in and admitted that what I was feeling for him was more than affectionate friendship. Everything would be so much simpler if I was still living in denial.”

“But you’d be miserable,” James said, resting his hand on Zayne’s thigh.

“Like I’m not now,” he grunted. “Why is this so fucking hard?”

“Not sure,” James said, leaning into Zayne’s side, head resting against his shoulder. “But we’ve made a mess of it, haven’t we?”

Zayne wanted to laugh, to push it all on the redhead, but he knew that more than half of it was his fault. His jealousy and selfishness had been the downfall of many relationships, why should this one be any different? “It’ll be easier if I remove myself from this narrative and let you and Zek finish writing your story.”

“He’d never go for that,” James reminded Zayne.

Reyes twined his fingers with James’ and closed his eyes. “I know, but it’d be for the best.”

“Not really.” James tugged Zayne’s hand until he opened his eyes. “I’m going to ask you again, and I want you to answer me this time. Did you mean those words you’d written? The ones you showed me?”

“Does it matter,” he asked, knowing that the narco was going to blast him for his attitude. “I mean, I started to figure things out a little too late, so what’s the point? I don’t even know if we can get along.”

They sat in silence listening to the rain pour down. “It’s not easy,” James eventually said. “Even when you know what you want, it isn’t always easy to own up to it. Falling for Andy had to have confused the hell out of you.”

It wasn’t nearly confusing as it was surprising. Zeklos had this way about him, he drew people in without trying and made them care about him. At first, Zayne thought it was his naïve, lost-waif persona. Later, he realized it was because Zek was a damn good person at heart and you didn’t meet too many people who were as honest and upfront as he was. But the narco – falling for James was confusing. They were nothing but rude to one another. Even in the bedroom there was a constant string of bantering insults being thrown back and forth between them. How the hell do you develop feelings for someone like that?

“I liked Zek the minute I met him. So much so that I never even realized my feelings for him had changed, it was just this natural progression from like to love.” He shook his head and took an experimental glance at the redhead. James’ coppery hair had fallen across his forehead, obscuring Zayne’s view. “You on the other hand…”

“What about me,” James prodded.

“I never thought I was going to like your pasty ass,” Zayne teased. “How the hell could I expect to know I was going to start to l- love you?” Shit, had he really said that damn word?

James turned his head up, nose brushing the underside of Zayne’s chin. “You’ve come a long way,” he said, “but you still get on my nerves. A lot.”

“Yeah, I know,” Zayne sighed. “I’m told that all the time. I sometimes wonder why anyone even likes me since I’m so diffcult.”

“Because you’re hot,” James teased, pressing a light kiss to the skin of Zayne’s neck. “And because you’re charming as hell. Once you get past this front you’ve put up,” he continued, pulling back so he could look Zayne in the eyes, “you can be a good guy and a loyal friend. You just have to drop the asshole act, honey.”

“It’s that simple?” It couldn’t be. Acting the arrogant jerk was like a shield against all the things he didn’t want to deal with.

“No,” James said, snuggling back down against Zayne’s body. “Nothing is ever that simple, but it’s a start.”

He took that in and turned it over in his brain. “So, does this mean you don’t hate me?”

“I never hated you, Reyes,” James said. “You’ve annoyed me and pissed me off, but I never hated you.”

“Thank god,” he sighed, draping an arm across the narco’s shoulders. “I can’t imagine waiting out this storm, trapped in my truck, if you hated me.”

“I might still pop you in the face for breaking my nose,” James said, voice dead serious. “But not in the truck. Would hate to ruin this pristine interior.”

“Asshole,” Zayne snorted. “It’s an old truck, cut me some slack.”

“Maybe later,” James said, sitting upright and leaving Zayne’s embrace behind. “But for the moment I’m still pissed that you busted my nose.”

“I did you a favor, gingerbread,” Zayne said, pointing at James. “Your face was a little too pretty. Now it has character.”

“I’m going to give your face some character if you don’t behave,” James laughed. He leaned in and gave Zayne a chaste kiss. “Is this rain ever going to stop?”

“These monsoons are a bitch,” Zayne said, relieved at the change of topic. He was pretty sure that they were going to be okay now, but he was afraid to push his luck. “They breeze through, dump a ton of water on you, and mosey on out like an old cowboy. Should clear up here soon. You can jump out and run to your car the minute it breaks.”

Eventually the rain slowed enough that James wouldn’t get drenched if he bailed. “I guess this is my chance,” he said.

Zayne forced a smile to his face. He still had no idea where he was going to spend the night and sleeping in his truck in the park was asking for trouble. “Yeah, but be careful. That asphalt is slick.”

“Got it,” James said, opening his door. He had both feet on the ground when he peered back inside the cab. “Follow me home,” he said.

“What?” Zayne wasn’t sure if he’d heard the redhead correctly or not. “Why?”

“I know you’re not looking forward to asking Maxwell for use of her couch,” he said. “And since I’m partly to blame for this mess, you might as well come spend the next couple days with me. Maybe Andy will call and we can convince him we’re not going to try and strangle each other while he sleeps.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” James assured him. “And if you’re nice, I might even let you sleep in the bed with me.”

Zayne gave a throaty chuckle. “Oh, I can be very, very nice to you in your bed you know.”

“Oh I know,” he said, giving Zayne an appraising look. “Which is why I asked in the first place. Come on, let’s go make nice so we can make Andy happy.”

How could he resist an offer like that? “You’re on, narco. Lead the way.”


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