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Title: What Lies in the Dark
Fandom: Romani Detective Original Fiction AU
Pairing: Andrej Zeklos/James Rosewood/Zayne Reyes
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,676
Summary: Zayne Reyes knows there’s something off about his partner, but he’s not sure exactly what.
Author’s Note: Written for the June bingo challenge at 1_million_words. This fills the vampire au square.

They’d been partners for well over seven years at this point and, from day one, Zayne Reyes had known that there was something horribly off about his partner, Andrej Zeklos. It wasn’t only the way he stood off to the side and watched Zayne with those devilishly dark blue eyes nor was it his thick, eastern European accent, although they both contributed to his overall weirdness. There was something else that he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

He sat back and watched Zeklos stalk the redhead from narcotics, because it was the only way to describe what he was seeing. Zek kept pace several steps behind the ginger, shadowing him as Rosewood moved through the hall. Reyes almost wished Zeklos would pounce, just to see what would happen. They disappeared around a corner and Zaynes’ innate curiosity got the better of him.

“I’ll be right back,” he said to the two female detectives sitting at the bank of desks nearest him. “If Zeklos returns, tell him I had to take a leak.”

The hot blonde – Hilary Maxwell – rolled her eyes at him. “Whatever, Reyes. Just don’t forget to wash your hands after… well, whatever you’re off to go do.”

“Hygiene is important,” the redheaded Trish Rollins added. “Nice hickey, by the way.”

“What,” he asked, hand flying to the side of his neck out of habit. Feeling stupid, he glared at them. “I do not have a hickey,” Zayne growled. He was very careful not to let any of his dates mark him anywhere his bosses could see. Or Zeklos for that matter. There had been an incident once, when Zek had noticed a love bite on Zayne’s shoulder. Things had gotten… bizarre.

“Right,” Hilary said, tapping the side of her neck. “Believe what you want, Romeo.”

“You two are nuts,” he chuckled, giving them a half wave as he exited the homicide bullpen. He’d been told that Maxwell had been checking him out a lot lately, maybe that’s all it was. She and her partner trying to catch him in a lie or lure him into conversation so that he’d stay. Women. He’d never figure them out.

Reyes looked down the hallway to the left and tried to talk him out of following his partner. He had an inkling that Zeklos might be gay – although that wouldn’t even begin to explain the strangeness about the guy – and he wasn’t exactly sure he wanted to stumble onto proof. Sighing, he strode off in the direction he’d last seen his partner headed.

There wasn’t much down this particular length of hallway, just an unused storeroom and a set of restrooms that most everyone avoided. It was easier to use these, of course, but if you went down one floor, they were bigger and often cleaner than the ones he was headed towards. Reyes opened the door to the little used men’s room and poked his head inside. There weren’t any feet under doors nor were there any telltale signs of two horny men getting in on anywhere in the bathroom. Shrugging, he let the door close and turned towards the storeroom.

“Don’t know why they’d be in here, but it can’t hurt to check,” he muttered. Stranger things had happened in this station.

Zayne pulled open the door to the storeroom and looked into the darkness. Somewhere near the back, he could see shapes, but whether they were bodies or reams of paper, he couldn’t tell. A few muffled sounds came from the darkness, things he wrote off to pipes in the walls or other, normal building noises. Reyes eased into the smallish storage area and closed the door behind him, keeping it open with a box of staples fit between the door and the jamb. A thin sliver of hallway light shone into the small space.

“Zek man, if you two are in here necking, let me know and I’ll leave you alone. But…” He let his voice trail off as he flipped the switch, illuminating the dusty room in weak light.

There was some shuffling near the back of the room and Reyes pushed a vacuum cleaner out of the way so he could get closer to the noise. “Zek?”

A low growl emanated from the dark back corner, freezing Reyes in his tracks. He could barely make out the redhead’s pale form curled against Zeklos’ body. His partner’s head bent over the narco’s shoulder. Rosewood whimpered, eyes wide and glassy, the sound something a wounded animal might make. But he wasn’t struggling, didn’t look the least bit afraid. More like he was… yeah, the redhead was definitely aroused. Zayne averted his eyes from the narco’s crotch and tried to focus on his partner. “Hey, what the hell’s going on here?”

Zeklos lifted his face from the crook of the ginger’s neck, something sticky and wet smeared across his mouth and cheek. “You need to leave,” Zeklos said, eyes bright and locked onto Reyes’.

“Nah,” Reyes said, breaking the gaze and blinking his eyes. He didn’t play with this threatening ass tone Zeklos was giving him. Who did the asshole think he was anyway? “You need to explain to me what the hell is going on here. Why are you snacking on the damn narco? Don’t redheads taste like ginger or some shit?”

Confusion crossed Zeklos’ face. “I do not understand what that means,” he said, dipping his head down to trail his tongue along Rosewood’s neck. Zayne spotted two, nearly invisible puncture marks on creamy, white skin. “But he tastes just fine to me.” A smile curled the corners of Zeklos’ mouth upwards. “He’s sweet and rich and wonderfully satisfying. But you, you taste so much better.”

“I – I what?” Zayne’s hand flew to his neck again, unbidden. This time, as his fingers brushed over the area where Hil had indicated a love bite, he felt the barest remnants of a wound. Two actually, two very tiny and almost unnoticeable marks. Hell, he’d missed them, right? “What the –”

Zeklos didn’t give him a chance to finish. Zayne found himself on the floor, shoulder pressed into Rosewood’s side, his partner straddling his waist. His back arched of its own accord as Zeklos brushed his lips across the bare skin of Zayne’s throat. Chuckling, Zeklos tugged at the collar of Zayne’s shirt, pressing his lips to the dip of his collar bone. “I like to taste you, Zayne. You’re spicy and sharp on my tongue.”

Against his will, or at least his better judgement, Zayne felt his cock grow heavy and full. Zeklos’ teeth sunk deep into his flesh, only encouraging Reyes’ wanton libido. Zayne lifted his hands and twined his fingers in Zeklos’ hair, holding him close, silently promising him anything, if he only kept doing what he was doing.

A soft flutter of fingers grazed his arm. Zayne turned his head and saw the narco watching him.

“He can’t get enough,” the redhead said, forcing a smile to his lips. “But it’s okay because neither can I.”

Rosewood leaned in, pressing his lips to Zayne’s. Nothing had ever tasted as good as the narco’s mouth in that moment. Even though he wanted to kiss Zeklos, to maul his partner with his teeth and tongue, Zayne sucked at the redhead’s mouth like it was a lifeline. Gasping as Zeklos’ teeth removed themselves from his skin, Reyes felt an immediate loss, a sadness that it was over. Before the thoughts could fully form in his brain, there was a third mouth competing for attention, for the kisses that were being shared.

He wasn’t sure if that was blood he tasted on his partner’s tongue or if he was imagining things but hell, who the fuck cared when he was crushed between these two men, getting kissed and teased and – holy hell – the narco had his hand down the front of his jeans. Zayne hadn’t ever given kissing another man a second thought but he was suddenly considering it. Because if kissing Zeklos – and even the ginger – was this damn good every time, he might be persuaded to jump ship.

“It’s the bite,” Zeklos growled, attacking Zayne’s mouth with passionate fury. “But with me, it’ll always be this exciting. Although, I think kissing Jay might be almost as pleasurable. He’s very good at what he does.” Zeklos gave the ginger an affectionate smile.

“Sign me up,” Zayne gasped, the redhead – James – working his fingers around Reyes’ cock, squeezing. “Both of you. Just don’t stop.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Zeklos chuckled, causing shivers to run through Zayne’s body. “I cannot tell you how happy I am to finally have you here, willing.”

“Was I not wiling before?” Truthfully, he couldn’t remember ever being in this position before, ever. Even though the purpling mark on his neck said otherwise. God, not only was Zeklos gay, he was a freaking bloodsucker, to boot. So much for those strict vetting policies because ICE failed with this Romanian. Although, he’d be damned if anyone thought he would send Zek back to Bucharest.

“With a little persuasion, you were very amenable,” Zeklos said, nibbling at an earlobe. “But this is much better. It’s always more fun when you remember.”

God help him, but he was sure Zeklos was right about that. And in a way, it held its own sort of warped logic. All the sex dreams he’d had about his partner finally made sense in context. Being happily hetero, Zayne hadn’t ever pined after a man before but… but if Zek had been snacking on him and then wiping his memory, then maybe there was something to the dreams after all. Hell, he could do worse than Zek, too. And it’s not like he had a steady girl or anything that might object. He flicked his eyes at his partner who was working the redhead over again, sucking happily at the pale skin of Rosewood’s neck.

“Yeah,” Zayne said, watching Rosewood’s coppery lashes flutter in ecstasy. “This is definitely better.”

Drain me dry, he thought. Just don’t fucking stop.


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