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Title: Three Drabbles
Fandom(s): White Pine original fiction, Preying Eyes original fiction, Romani Detective original fiction
Pairing(s): Ethan McDowell/Travis Murphy, Adrien Lupei/Elliot Deacon, Andrej Zeklos/James Rosewood/Zayne Reyes
Rating(s): PG-13
Word Count: 400
Summary: No real summary, sorry
Author’s Notes: Two drabbles and a double drabble written for International Kissing Day. Thanks to erinm_4600 for the prompts.

05 – Kiss in the Rain

Ethan pushed his foot against the deck, setting the porch swing into motion. A light summer rain fell on the awning and grass surrounding their favorite cuddle spot. Travis leaned into Ethan’s side, a soft smile on his handsome face, his feet propped on the far arm of the swing. Turning his bright blue eyes on Ethan, he pursed his lips, silently asking for what was always freely given between them. Brushing curls away from Travis’ face, Ethan pressed his lips to his husband’s, the fine spray of the cloudburst misting their faces. Sweet kisses and an eternity of love.


09 – Good Morning Kiss

Adrien leaned against the kitchen island, sipping from his first cup of coffee. It was always quiet this early in the morning, no one calling or knocking on the door. He savored every moment he could get before the inevitable ringing of his cell began at eight o’clock. Elliot was the only other person in the house, appearing in the kitchen as soon as Adrien thought of him. Like a ray of sun breaking through the clouds, Elliot’s smile lit the room. And the honeyed kiss he placed on Adrien’s waiting mouth, the first drops of rain after a drought.


12 – Secret Kiss

Their relationship was an open secret, but even so, the cowboy and the redhead tried to keep it quiet. Their denial of one another during the workday only made things hotter at night. Stolen kisses in the breakroom, forbidden touches in the supply closet. What’s worse - or was it better? – was that Andrej pretended not to notice their sneaking off, the illicit stolen moments they shared. Their love, the one that brought them together, was just as complicit in their furtive rendezvous. Each surreptitious kiss brought Zayne closer to James, every sly meetup made Rosewood want Reyes even more.

Andrej loved the games his boys played. They were fooling no one with their bantering arguments, him least of all. But it was an erotic adventure to watch their relationship evolve from frenemies to the best of friends and more. In the end, they all won for the renewed closeness between the three of them. One person, however, scored bigger than the rest and that was Andrej himself, reaping the rewards of all their sneaking about, cleverly loving on each other. He’d never tell, however, for fear that would only encourage his boys to act up and ruin it all.


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