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Title: Skittish
Fandom: Code Red
Pairing: gen
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 659
Summary: For someone who works with explosives, Dave is much too easily startled.
Author’s Note: Day late and a dollar short as always.  Wrote this for last week’s weekend challenge.  My prompt was ‘Based on how I react when toast pops out of the toaster, I will never look cool walking away from an explosion’.  Wasn’t sure what to do with this at first and then it came to me…
Poor 'Zook )
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Title: The Jelly Bean Conundrum
Fandom: Code Red original-ish fiction
Pairing: Gen
Rating: G
Word Count: 443
Summary: Someone gives Rory something sticky and it all comes apart after that.
Author’s Note: I need to get back to writing this ‘world’ soon. I miss Ali and all of her insane cohorts.  Written for the numbers challenge at [ profile] 1_million_words.  The number was: 35.
It's 'Zook's fault. Always )
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Title: Ice Water in My Veins
Fandom: Code Red original fiction
Pairing: Ali Hart/Paulo Castelli (the poor boy finally has a last name after… I can’t even tell you how man years… 15 maybe?)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ali is awakened by a text message to return to base to interrogate a prisoner refusing to speak English.  Confronted by a ghost from her past, she has to put on a cold exterior to keep anyone from knowing that there’s more between the two of them than a shared language.
Author’s Notes: Written for the weekend challenge at 1_million_words. I was given the emotion of ‘cold’.  This was the first thing that came to mind.  And now… I have pumpkin bread to eat.
Word Count: 2,169

The things we do for love... )
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Title: Girl’s Night
Fandom: Code Red Original Fic
Pairing: Gen
Word Count: 1,083
Rating: PG
Summary: Ali and Shana need a night out.  Ali’s brother, on the other hand, thinks he needs to come along.
Author’s note: Written for the Weekend Challenge at 1_Million_Words for the prompt of: “Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night.”  Not sure how well I incorporated it into this fic.  Also not sure that there’s much of a point to this fic either, but eh, when has there ever been a point to my writing?  Should probably take this and run with it though, let them all have a little fun for the night.

Code red, water the plants! )
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Title: Out of Her Hands
Fandom: Code Red original fiction
Pairing: Gen, Ali Matson + Albert Rogan
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,363
Summary: Ali stops to look at her life and feels like it’s all beyond her control.  And then Albie comes to her rescue.
Author’s Note: Square number 7 for my bingo card. My first fandom (!) and one I rarely write in these days.  I miss Ali.

I'm gonna let it go )
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Title: The Girl in the Wedding Dress
Fandom: Code Red Original Fic
Pairing: Allyson Hart/Timothé Donicu
Rating: PG
Word Count: 575
Summary: Paulo observes Ali as she prepares to be married. 
Author’s Note: I don’t even know what to say, but here it is.  Written for the weekend challenge prompt of:

My love will follow you )
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Title: The Break Up
Fandom: Code Red Original Fic
Pairing: Allyson Hart/Bryan Tracey
Rating: PG for some language
Word Count: 1,637
New Words: 674
Summary: Ali’s boyfriend crosses the line and she kicks him to the curb. 
Author’s Note: See here for a full dissertation on this series.  This is part of an extremely old series that I started back in 2006 or so.  This particular short was written exactly eight years ago yesterday (1/31/07).  I got to a point where I made it halfway through a multi-chapter fic and just… stopped. I’m hoping that by reworking, reediting, and reposting these fics I can get back and finish that one that’s been languishing since February 2010.  Eh, what’s five years, right? 

Oh, and don’t have a heart attack… it’s het.  Hah. (Well, up to a point it is… but you’ll see that when we get there.)

P. S. That's my Ali icon, btw.

And so it begins... bring on Blake! )
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Title: Fly, Little Bird
Pairing: Ali Matson/Paulo (who after all these years still doesn’t have a last name, poor guy)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5,126
Warnings: A bit maudlin, but nothing major

Short Summary: I was given the prompt of:

Every time I try to walk away
Something makes me turn around and stay

"I Can't Tell You Why" – The Eagles

in the [ profile] 1_million_words community and this was my response.  Ali ponders her history with Paulo, a dangerous, elusive bad guy that she shares an intricate past with.

Girl, I get lonely too )


Nov. 7th, 2013 03:29 pm
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The prompt was:

Munificent (adjective)
mu·nif·i·cent [myoo-nif-uh-suhnt]

1. extremely liberal in giving; very generous.
2. characterized by great generosity: a munificent bequest.

Blake was many things, she knew – arrogant, childish, often drunken – but there was one thing he was not and that was selfish.  Not with his money, not with his time, and definitely not with his heart.  He had an awful lot of faults but at the center of it all, he was a damn good man.  Ali had more than enough proof of that.

 “What are you doing, Blake?”  Ali had wandered out of the kitchen, cereal bowl still in hand, to find her husband making a disaster of her finally clean living room.

Blake looked up from a pile of parts and plastic pieces, a set of assembly instructions in one hand.  “Building something,” he said.

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Title: Untiltled
Pairing: Ali + Blake, Adam/Blake
Rating: G
Word Count: 2803 (holy crap!)
Warnings: Just my usual crackhead humor

Short Summary: Blake runs into his ex-wife after 18 months.  Adam is not prepared.

Author’s Notes: I follow this wonderful blog on Tumblr and after reading the tags on this post, I couldn't help myself.  Back in 2007, I started an original fic based on one of my favorite characters, Ali, and a man I loosely based on the real Blake.  This story is, in a sense, an AU of my own original fic.  But it's also a bit of RPF.  So, yeah.  Weird.  But um, well, you are on MY blog after all.  Enjoy or not.  Helpful critiscm or outright rotten tomatoes may be hurled here:

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Okay, so this prompt has a hold of me.  Sorry.  (Regretting friending me yet?  Hmm...)

This time, we have my two favorite original characters, Ali and her husband, Blake.  Blake's annoying, obnoxious, loud and sexy as hell because, well, most annoying men are. Right?  But, underneath it all, he has a heart of gold and nothing but love for his tough-as-nails wife.  

Fandom: Code Red (original work)
Pairing: Ali/Blake
Rated: G (not nearly as lame, I don't think, as the previous post LOL)
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“I should beat you for this!”

“But you won’t.”  He grinned, knowing it was true.

“But I should. I could. You deserve it,” she seethed.

“You’re right, I do.”  Blake still grinned.  He knew his Cookie and her temper.  She’d forgive him.  Eventually.

“I could also shoot you,” she warned, motioning towards the gun locker in their room.

“But then you’d have to find a new husband,” he countered.

“Says you,” she faltered.

He turned those brilliant blue eyes on her and she felt her anger crack.  Damn him.  “Damn you, Blake.”

“See, you do love me.”

She did.

Oh, and as for what Blake did to piss her off?  Who knows.  With him, it could honestly be anything.  At least he's not threatening to cook their pet pig this time...  

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Ali’s Journal ~ 19 May 2011

I believe. It’s true, I really do.

Even when it’s hard, even when it sucks, most assuredly even when it’s not fair.

I still believe.

I believe in the American Dream. I believe in happiness. I believe in family. I trust in a higher power.

And, despite it all, I still believe in love.

Even if he doesn’t, not any longer.

Why? Because he gave me reason to believe, in the beginning. Now, I must have faith that this broken promise will see me through to the other side.

Where I’ll find hope again.

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I wrote this the other morning after being irritated by an annoying jerk in a business suit.



Starbucks Smackdown )

Red Light

Mar. 1st, 2010 02:25 pm
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Just a bit of fluff for today... can't quite post this yet to my regular fiction blog because, well, I haven't gotten it up to date with this tragic mess of a story yet.  So, since none of my supposed friends are interested in my drivel any longer, I thought I'd post it here... to torture my one reader... LOL  Just need to get it out and move on.  :)

Enjoy or not... *G* At a red light in the sunshine )


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