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Title: What Lies in the Dark
Fandom: Romani Detective Original Fiction AU
Pairing: Andrej Zeklos/James Rosewood/Zayne Reyes
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,676
Summary: Zayne Reyes knows there’s something off about his partner, but he’s not sure exactly what.
Author’s Note: Written for the June bingo challenge at 1_million_words. This fills the vampire au square.
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Title: Hot for Teacher Chapter 4 (final)
Fandom: Yeah, not going there today
Pairing: A very possible love triangle
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,698
Summary: Andrej agrees to lunch with James and gets exactly nothing that he expected.
Author’s Notes: Written for the February bingo challenge at 1_million_words.  It’s March now and I’m finally done.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little alternate version of my three troublemakers.
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Title: Hot for Teacher Chapter 2
Fandom: IDEK what the hell this is any longer
Pairing: Gen… for now
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,953
Summary: Day two at the university isn’t any less stressful but a little bit more promising for Andrej.
Author’s Notes: Sassy Andy has made a return.  I wonder if these alternate versions of Jay and Zayne can handle him?
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Title: Hot For Teacher Chapter 1
Fandom: Romani Detective-ish original fiction
Pairing: None… yet
Rating: PG-13 currently
Word Count: 1,790
Summary: After getting his degree in languages, Andrej moves from Paris to the United States to teach.  Prepared for a quiet, solitary life, he’s caught off guard by the colorful and aggressive staff members.
Author’s Note: Written for the bingo challenge at [ profile] 1_million_words.  This covers the final square: college/university.  I wasn’t sure about going fully AU with one of my original works, but I’m having entirely too much fun with this.  Hopefully you do, too.
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Title: The Pirate and the Siren
Fandom: White Pine original fiction
Pairing: Travis Murphy/Ethan McDowell
Rating: PG
Word Count: 875
Summary: The siren hasn’t ever been wooed before, but from the moment he first sees the pirate, everything changes.
Author’s Notes: Written for the weekend challenge at 1_million_words.  My prompt was: “I’m a siren and you’re a pirate but I decide not to kill u because you’re actually really really REALLY cute oh shit” au. I figured why not – let’s make Ethan and Travis pirates and sirens and see what happens.
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