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I should probably preface this by saying I'm reading a series of books by Kaye Blue called Romanian Mob Chronicles (Don't judge me, I know I'm trash, okay? Sometimes a girl needs a smutty romance.). What I have is a box set of the first three books (I mean, it was like $1.99 and I was intrigued): Keep, Fall, and Avenge. I was currently 3/4 of the way through Fall and was hoping to finish it so I opened up my Kindle and suddenly noticed something rather odd about the cover.

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On my way into work this morning I heard the morning show talking about how few people read these days. They went on to say something like 60% of the people who do not read, don’t do it because it’s too hard to understand. My first reaction to this was THAT’S BECAUSE YOU DON’T READ ENOUGH. But then, maybe I’m biased?
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Or do they?
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Because this was too amusing to keep to myself.
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I can’t manage to get anything written this month.  So, I thought I’d put down some random thoughts in hope that it spurs me to write something.  ANYTHING.  So, bear with me as I drain my brain onto this poor, undeserving page.
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Day 11

Sep. 17th, 2016 08:14 am
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Day 11: What is your favorite quote?
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Day 7

Sep. 13th, 2016 09:39 am
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Day 7: Do you read?  What are your favorite books?
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Do You Ever

Aug. 9th, 2016 11:43 am
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...feel like you're being judged?
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Stole this off the internet this afternoon because my boss is in a meeting, I'm bored, and have lost my motivation to write. I did get my 100 words in though.
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This question was asked of Kelley Armstrong, author of The Women of the Otherworld series, among others.  Also, the show Bitten on SyFy is based off her Otherworld series. If you haven't seen it or read any of the books... what are you waiting for?  :D
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Just FYI

Jan. 18th, 2016 06:26 am
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In an effort to keep things less cluttered, I've moved my book reviews and reading challenges to their own blog from here on.  If you want to read my reviews, friend me at [ profile] nerdy_book_girl.  If not, no worries.  Not everyone is as into books as I am.  
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The m-m romance group I belong to on Goodreads has a lot of fun challenges and, although I’d love to join in on them, I don’t strictly read m/m books. I read m/f romance as well as fantasy, horror, mysteries, etc that have little or no romance in them so, I’m hijacking a couple of their challenges and adapting them for my own use.

The first is the Series Knockout Challenge.  I built a ‘shelf’ on GR of 36 books in varying series that I want to read.  Every Wednesday, they call a row and column and you pick that book.  As you take a book, you remove it from the shelf and replace it with something new so that you always have 36 books listed.  I probably won’t make a book a week, but I’ll try as best I can to get as much of this off my TBR list as possible.

12/30/15 – R1C1 – For a Few Demons More by Kim Harrison (urban fantasy, The Hollows book #5)

01/06/16 - R4C4 - Deadly Heat by Richard Castle (mystery, Nikki Heat book #5)

01/14/16 - R1C1 - X-Rated Bloodsuckers by Mario Acevedo (paranormal mystery, Felix Gomez book #2)
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So, I saw a post in a m/m romance book group on Goodreads asking what the best book I read all year was.  Thanks to GR's My Year in Books, I have a nice list of everything I read this past year.  Trouble is, what do I choose as the best?
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So, this time of year turns me into a slacker of epic proportions.  As you can see by the fact that I haven’t journaled in three days. *facepalm*
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So, I pre-ordered the new short story from Gillian Flynn of Gone Girl and Sharp Objects fame.  I picked it up becuase it's supposed to be a ghost story and that intrigued me.
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