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If you’re interested.

So, the doc managed to unblock Alfie last night, but sometime during the night, the little brat got his catheter out and got blocked again.  The doc tried several times to unblock him again, and can’t do it.  So, in the words of my lovely vet, “I’m going to essentially make him into a girl kitty.”

Le sigh.

So, I’m now in the hole $1,500 for this fiasco, but the doc said it wasn’t an issue to work something out.  He said usually he asks for half up front, but in this case, he’s only asking for $300 and I can make payments on the rest… for the rest of my life, but whatever.  The good news is, I’ve got a little extra money coming on Friday by way of vacation pay, so getting the money won’t be an issue (for once in my damn life).

On the flip side, the jokes about my transsexual cat this afternoon have been rather amusing.  I so can’t wait to tell my husband… he’s going to have a cow, and then he’s going to cackle.  This poor cat of mine won’t ever live it down.


Thanks for keeping me occupied today and making me think about other things.  It’s really helped ease my stress.


Jun. 23rd, 2015 09:25 am
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