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Title: Out of Style
Fandom: Romani Detective Original Fiction
Pairing: Andrej Zeklos/James Rosewood/Zayne Reyes
Rating: PG
Word Count: 808
Summary: Zayne stumbles across something he’s never meant to see.
Author’s Note: Written for the 100-in-100 Year End Challenge at 1_million_words.  This was inspired by something started in another fic.  Well, that and I have a bad habit of doing this to my various boys…  Will hopefully turn into more than what I have here.
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Title: Drinks and Dresses
Fandom: Common Law
Pairing: Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A little bit of crossdressing.
Word Count: 1,020
Summary: Travis and Wes fight causing Travis to seek solace in a bar.  In the morning, he discovers a little problem.
Author’s Note: I haven’t written any fanfic in a long time and now, it’s all Wesvis all the time.  Go figure.  Written for the weekend challenge at [ profile] 1_million_words several weeks ago.  I’m behind, I know.  When I got the three-fer prompt of bedsheets/panties/stockings I knew I had to go here.
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Title: An Eye for You
Fandom: Common Law
Pairing: Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Some mention of crossdressing.
Word Count: 1,052
Summary: Wes wakes up with an irritation in his eye – one that’s not Travis for once.  Travis comes to the rescue and cares for his buttercup.
Author’s Note: Nothing to say, really.  Written for the word of the day challenge at [ profile] 1_million_words.
When I look at you, girl... )
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Title: Might As Well Be on Mars
Fandom: Common Law
Pairing: Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell
Warnings: Mentions of crossdressing
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,109
Summary: Wes and Travis are shopping for costumes.  Wes isn’t exactly liking Travis’ choices.
Author’s Notes: Written for day 3 of the October Song Fic challenge at 1_million_words.  I chose the song prompt of Dragula, although this really has nothing to do with the song.  And, like last year’s Halloween fic, I’ve stolen the title from an Alice Cooper song for this.  Because, yanno, Wes might as well be on Mars for all the listening Travis does.

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That and I'm bored sooo...
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Title: You Wreck Me Chapter 3 (final)
Fandom: Common Law
Pairing: Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell
Rating: R
Warnings: Part of the Wes in a Dress series so it contains mention of crossdressing.
Word Count: 1,874
Summary: Wes has had enough of the club and is ready to wrap the night up.
Author’s Note: This series is both my favorite and my most hated.  Mostly because it brings out my goofiest side.  Not that it shows in this installment, but while looking through older bits to find information, I found myself rolling my eyes at myself.

Bang, Bang )
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Title: You Wreck Me Chapter 2
Fandom: Common Law
Pairing: Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell
Rating: NC-17 (getting steamy LOL)
Warnings: Part of the Wes in a Dress series so mentions of crossdressing (although none actually takes place here).
Word Count: 1,748
Summary: Travis has gotten Wes to the club. Now chaos must ensue.  But not really.
Author’s Note: I’ve come to the conclusion that this was a mistake.  Should be one more chapter.  So much for a one shot short fic. Hah.

Come dance with me )
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Title: You Wreck Me
Fandom: Common Law
Pairing: Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell
Rating: PG-13 (so far, the rest might skyrocket upwards in smut levels)
Warnings: Part of the Wes in a Dress series so there are mentions of crossdressing, although Wes is firmly in pants at this point… and maybe a little MAC.
Word Count: 1,786
Summary: It’s Friday night and Travis wants to go out.
Author’s Notes: The title is stolen from the title of a Garth Brooks song.  The idea itself comes from a picture I saw on I Can Has Cheezburger the other day.  I’ll post it at the end.  Also, I really ought to be working on Cops and Rubies, but this grabbed hold and wouldn't let go.  Chapter 2 coming soon.

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Title: Lace and Ties
Fandom: Common Law
Pairing: Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Crossdressing, although it’s mild in this installment.
Word Count: 5,042
Summary: Travis buys Wes a new pretty and wants to show him off in it.
Author’s Note: Original prompt: helping them lace up a corset. {Corset}  How did I write this and never post it anywhere?  :/

I feel pretty, oh so pretty... )
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Title: Lipstick Promises
Fandom: Common Law
Pairing: Wes Mitchell/Travis Marks
Rating: NC-17 at least
Word Count: 3,510
Warnings: Crossdressing and smut ahead.
I fell for your every kiss and your lipstick promises )
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Title: Life and Death of the Party
Fandom: Common Law
Pairing: Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell
Rating: a mild R
Word Count: 9,031
Author’s Note: I have a friend who loves sending me outfits for Wesleigh to wear and she was wondering when the cowgirl would make an appearance.  Wait no longer… (costume here)
You got my heart right by the throat )
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Title: Looking Good, Feeling… Awkward
Pairing: Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell
Rating:  M
Word Count: 11,204 (WTF?)
Warnings: Crossdressing.  Sassy Ass Wes, Snarky Travis.  Smut.  Oh, and Wesleigh.
Short Summary: After upsetting Wes with a little too much flirting, Travis is forced to find a way to reconcile and get back on the blond's good side. A work-related trip to Vegas might just be the answer.
Author’s Notes: Part five in the Wes in a Dress series.  You can find the first four installments on AO3 here.  This entire series is pretty much PWP, but it’s fun all the same.  Written for the September Bingo Challenge at [ profile] 1_million_words.
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Title: Getting Stuff Done
Fandom: Common Law
Pairing: Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count: 4,038
Warnings: Talk of cross-dressing, sassy-ass Wes, and a bit of foul language.
Short Summary: Travis is an incurable flirt but Wes isn’t about to let any whore steal his man.
Git 'er done )

Dont Cha

Feb. 24th, 2014 03:08 pm
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Title: Dont Cha
Pairing: Travis/Wes
Rating:  Explicit. 
Word Count: 3,558
Warnings: Wes.  He is in a dress.  Sort of.  So, if cross-dressing isn’t your thing, turn back or forever have your eyeballs burned out. 
Short Summary: Wes decides it’s high time he paid Travis back for not only supporting but enabling his little habit. 
Author’s Notes: There are two previous installments to this series, I Feel Pretty/Unpretty and You and I, neither of which I have posted here.  Not sure why I’m starting to post these here, now, but well, there you go.  Enjoy. 
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