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I have a problem, and I'll admit to it.

When I find an actor or actress that I like, I will systematically go thorugh their entire filmography and watch anything and everything they've ever been in.  And I don't care how bad it might be.  (Might I just direct you to this?)

So, today's feature: Warren Kole.

Now, I've watched quite a bit of what he's been in so far. Common Law, of course, Cougar Club, Pick Me Up, The Chicago Code, hell, I even watched one very, very awful episode of CSI: Miami for my little buttercup.  But this, this is a pretty recent movie.  It apparently went striaght to DVD since I never saw a trailer or anything for it on TV or even YouTube, which isn't ever a good thing.  So, I bought a used copy off Amazon for four bucks plus shipping.  And then I spent two mornings watching this movie.

I had left the DVD sitting on my desk and after about four days, my husband says, "I know you like this guy but exactly how many bad movies are you going to watch because he's in them?"  Um... ALL OF THEM?


Stolen from Lionsgate's YouTube trailer: A group of misfits find themselves trapped in what they believe to be an underground incinerator, and come together in the hope of discovering a way out. But they quickly realize that to get out alive, they'll each be tested in ways that are specific to their past - ways that will leave their future changed forever.

Hmm... interesting.

While this isn't exactly my go-to genre of movie, I do like the psychological aspect of it.  All five have killed before, which is how they wound up in this mess to begin with, even though they each had a very good reason to do what they did.  But even good people have a dark side, right?  Which is what this movie is trying to prove.  So, what do they do?  Whatever they have to in order to survive.

There was a lot of action, a lot of dirty, sweaty bloody Buttercup...

Screenshot 2015-07-21 05.23.36

...some cheesy special effects and a lot of bad acting.

That said, I loved the idea of the Christian-based clues to advance from one level to the next as well as the little flashbacks that reveal how each ended up in that dirty, nasty dungeon together.  It's also fascinating to watch as they get past thier initial uneasiness with each other and band together, almost becoming friends by the end.  Dire situations call for extreme measures after all.   There are predictable moments as well as surprises and lots and lots of fast-moving action to keep your attention.

The trailer, if you are so inclined:

All in all, I really enjoyed this movie.  I can't say that I'll ever watch it again, but it's definitely going into my *Buttercup Box* I have with my stash of WK movies that I'm hiding.  *shifty eyes*

As far as where it falls in all things Buttercup that I've watched so far?  Maybe just below Cougar Club because, as awful as that movie was (and god help me, it's baaaaad), it's so ridiculously laugh-out-loud stupid that it gets props for that alone.

Now, I need to suck it up and watch A Love Song for Bobby Long which has been sitting on my desk for about six months now.  I'm not a huge John Travolta fan, so I keep putting it off.  But eh, I'll get around to it eventually.  Maybe after I rewatch Stonehenge Apocalypse.  Again.

So, any really bad movies out there that you can't help but love no matter what?  Hit me up.  We're waiting for something new...

Screenshot 2015-07-21 05.29.16

See?  He's digging through the DVDs and just can't decide...  :D

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