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I'm constantly amazed at the variety of DVDs (both Blu-Ray and standard) my local library has to borrow.  This is a beautiful thing because it saves me a ton of money on movies I might not have wanted to keep.  Because, let's be honest... I'll watch anything if it contains a favorite actor/actresss.  And due to that fact, I've watched some pretty awful things over the years.  Thanks, Warren.  :D

Today's selection is Girl with a Pearl Earring because I'm currently obsessing over Cillian Muprhy.
Among others.


From Rotten Tomatoes: A speculative account of the life of Griet, a 16-year-old girl who appears in Johannes Vermeer's painting of the same title. Set in 17th century Holland, Griet is employed by Vermeer as a housemaid to care for his six children, his jealous pregnant wife and his uncommunicative mother-in-law. Tensions arise when Vermeer's wife suspects intimacy between her husband and the girl--and then climax, when the wife discovers that Griet borrowed her precious pearl earrings to sit for the now famous portrait.

I love history, let's just start right there.  I can't say that I'm a history buff - I can't quote you dates and events and things - but I do love reading and watching and learning about the past.  Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres as well (all because of Elizabeth Chadwick, I swear to god), so this movie was right up my alley. Girl with a Pearl Earring was very well done.  The story was intriguing and engaging despite a distinct lack of dialogue.  Colin Firth was great as Vermeer and Scarlett Johansson was believable as Griet.  And let me tell you, it's hard to pull off that kind of innocence in this day and age. The recreation of 17th century Holland was fabulous and beautiful to observe.

My one complaint is that Ms. Johansson spent 90% of the movie walking around with this look on her face:


I kept wanting to close her mouth for her.  Hahahaha.  That said, this movie was good enough that I'd love to watch it again, when I can be uninterrupted.  The thing that really got me in the end though was this - they showed the actual painting the movie and novel were named for and the likeness between Griet and Ms. Johansson caught me by surprise.


Freaky, if you ask me.  But excellent job casting, my friends.

On the other hand, my Irish prince, Cillian Murphy, seems to be stuck with the most god-awful hairdos in some of his roles.


Oh Cilly baby, what did they do to you?  Gotta love the determination to make things as accuarte as possible, eh?  I had to laugh, though.  I was on Amazon looking for a blurb to describe this movie and the first review I read went on and on about pros and cons and then, the very last line was this: Might I add that Cillian Murphy is beautiful.  Yes, yes you may.  And now, because I am the person that I am, I must procure myself a copy of this book for comparison.

Since I finished the movie yesterday, I went back to watching season 2 of Peaky Blinders this morning.  Season 2, episode 1, picks up two years after season 1 ends. Just as Tommy thinks to start expanding his businesses, things get hairy.  I mean, how could they not, right?  By the end of the episode though, my heart was aching for Tommy, for Polly, and oh my god, Ada!  When Tommy finds out about that, he'll be quoting Dean Winchester.  "Let's go kill us some sons of bitches."  And, like Dean, he'd do exactly that.  Just with less rock salt.  Yikes.  I think season 2 is going to be even more intense than season 1 was.

Oh, and just as pretty, too.

Screenshot 2015-08-20 06.04.08

Yeah, I'm awful, what can I say?  I just had to get one more picture of him in here before I said goodbye.


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