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I really need to stop reading comments on ONTD when it comes to Blake and Adam.  I never cease to be pissed off.  Having been a fan of Blake's since early 2000 (back when "Austin" first hit the airwaves), it's clear to me that people do not 'get' him and think he's an ass/jerk for no real reason.  I suppose I have an insight to his personality though, since my husband is quite a bit like him (he has a habit of acting like a jerk but in reality is a pretty great guy).  But whatever.

Now, I will admit that Adam was a poor sport with the song he got.  He could have sucked it up and played along, but his unwillingness to do so was amusing all the same.  Left me in mind of the imitation Carrot Top does of Metallica singing Brittney Spears.  That said, I do not agree that Blake didn't play along.  He got up there, he sang and was his usual dorky self.  Did he get into it as much as Gwen and Pharell?  Probably not.  Was he a baby about it?  Definitely not.  But I'm coming to understand that people love to hate on other people without any real reason.

I did give a little fangirl squeal when Adam went to sit on the stage steps to watch Blake perform though.

Thank God Adam is growing his hair back.  The bald look is not a good one on him.

I had a hard time really enjoying this though, what with all the rumors about Jimmy Fallon floating around lately.  :/

Lastly, the video...

Date: 2015-10-29 10:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ugh, I don't ever look at comments on ONTD, they're always hateful it seems like no matter WHO they're talking about and I don't like to read crap like that about my boys. :/

I didn't think Adam was actually THAT bad about it. :P I mean, he DID it. He made it pretty clear he wasn't happy about it, but he at least gave it some (minimal) effort. :P hehe Seriously, though, is he not allowed to be a person because he's a celebrity? I think 95% of guys in his age bracket would have the same reaction to being asked to sing that song. :P lol - only most of them would flat out refuse!

And Blake definitely played along, he did the best he could with what he got. :P LOL Also he's looking GOOD these days, isn't he? Yum. :)

That bit where Adam sat on the stage and gazed up adoringly at Blake - too cute for words! And less "cute" but still pretty dang shippy, was when he joked about having an erection for Blake! LOL

That was pretty fun, thanks for sharing it! :)

Oh, what are the rumors about Jimmy Fallon? I don't think I've heard anything... :/

Date: 2015-10-29 08:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ugh, you are so right about that though. I know better and still I keep doing it.

You do make a good point. He could have put a little more into it, but either way, I still laughed at the whole thing in the end, which was the whole point. I know, right? And who knows what made him act that way. The song, a bad day, just something random that put a bug up his butt? He is human and from what I understand, a pretty nice guy too.

OMG, yes. My cowboy is looking GREAT.

HOW DID I MISS THAT BIT? (Actually, I was watching at work so I know how I missed it.) I'm going to have to rewatch this later now.

You are so welcome (and proof that ONTD can be useful sometimes. Hah)! Always happy to share the love.

I saw a post about NBC (is that the channel he's on?) being prepared to do an intervention if it's necessary. I've heard things as mild as his being a functional alcoholic (which considering his two accidents recently makes it a little too possible) to scary things like he's a cokehead. I can deal with the first, but not the second. :/ I hope that neither is true, honestly.


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