Sep. 12th, 2017

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Title: Hey Bartender
Fandom: Romani Detective Original Fiction/White Pine Original Fiction AU
Pairings: Er, none as they’re all budding relationships at this point
Rating: PG-13 with a touch of R at the end.
Word Count: 4,138
Summary: New to the country, Andrej takes whatever jobs he can find to make ends meet. Even if it’s working as a bartender in a strip club in Vegas.
Author’s Note: Written for the September Twist Challenge at 1_million_words although it was inspired by a bartender AU prompt from the weekend challenge a couple weeks prior. And just to confuse the issue, I didn’t stick with just one of my original fandoms, I tossed two of my favorites together. I mean, how can you resist Andy AND Muprh?

Also: Andrej’s internal monologue might be a bit out of character for him, but I figure if he hasn’t been saddled with this unrequited lust for as long as he has been in cannon, he might be a little looser around the edges. :D
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