Travis, No.

Jun. 9th, 2015 09:21 am
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So, as annoying as my husband can be, he can also make himself very useful.  All that attention he pays to 'my boys' in my shows sometimes pays off, despite all the teasing and harassing I get at times.

He says to me the other night, "Have you seen the previews for your boy's new movie?"

I said, "You mean 'show'?"  Because my other (hah) boy, Warren Kole, has a new TV show coming this fall called Shades of Blue.  But no, he meant Michael Ealy.  Color me intrigued.

"He's really creepy in this, you need to watch it."  My husband, the man has a way with words. <sarcasm>

Curious and concerned, I looked up the trailer for The Perfect Man this morning.


I was not expecting that at the end, even though my husband told me about it.  But damn, does this look nice and intense or what?  I really need to watch this last season of The Following, because I know he plays an über bad guy in that.  For the most part, all I've seen him in have been things like About Last Night and Barbershop, funny movies.  Although Unconditional was a serious (and seriously sad) movie, it wasn't anything like this.  I never knew I needed psychotic, obsessive Michael Ealy until now.

Psychotic serial killer Warren Kole, yes.  He does that role so well.  But Michael?  GIMME.

Anyway... my husband just called awhile ago on his way home from work and I told him I'd watched the trailer.  Immediately after me saying, "I NEED THIS," he says, "You only want to watch it because you think he's hot."  I'm like NO I DON'T but whatever (it's one point he refuses to believe me on - I adore Michael, but I don't find him very attractive).  HOW do I always manage to have these conversations while at work?  My co-workers must think I have a harem of men somewhere.  Don't I wish.

And now I'm having serial killer Travis Marks thoughts and Dorian gone to the dark side plot bunnies.  Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd...I have the urge to watch Underworld: Awakening because, admit it, he looked good in that leather trench.

Update: while on Amazon buying books for my daughter's summer reading assignments, I bought a used copy of Underworld: Awakening because I need help.
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