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Title: Cum Se Zice…?*
Fandom: Romani Detective Original Fiction
Pairing: Andrej Zeklos/James Rosewood/Zayne Reyes
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,055
Summary: James spies Zayne doing something sketchy and calls him out on it, only to discover it’s not as sketchy as he thinks.
Author’s Note: Written because my random list of words today were the same as Zayne’s. Side note: the title means ‘How do you say…?’ and I thought it appropriate. Weird additional side note: the same phrase in Spanish is ‘Cómo se dice....’ Even though Spanish and Romanian come from the same Latin base, it sometimes weirds me out how similar the two languages are. French, as well. My older daughter picked up one of my books at home and said, “Hey, Romanian is a lot like French!” Thanks, kid, but that helps me not at all. And… I’m shutting up now, sorry. Because I have a weird third thing I want to mention but won’t. *zips lips*
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On my way into work this morning I heard the morning show talking about how few people read these days. They went on to say something like 60% of the people who do not read, don’t do it because it’s too hard to understand. My first reaction to this was THAT’S BECAUSE YOU DON’T READ ENOUGH. But then, maybe I’m biased?
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Yanno I'm going to use this one EVERY DAY.
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God love this state.
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Today on Duolingo...
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Might possibly come in quite handy.
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